FAQ and Commonly asked questions

How much does it cost to skydive?

-The price for a tandem skydive is $225 and the price for video of your jump is 95$ -We also offer a 10$ discount to students and military.    

Is there any weight restrictions on skydiving?

  -Yes you must be at least 18 years old, weigh less then 225 lbs and be in good health. This is a restriction of the size of the parachutes we have for tandems and is a USPA safety requirement.  

Do you require payment to hold my reservation?

  -We require a deposit of 50$ to reserve your tandem skydive. You will be prompted to pay your deposit after submitting your schedule information.  

How long should I plan on being at the Drop Zone?

-We can typically complete four jumps per hour and strive for efficiency for our jumpers. That said, it is best to plan at the dropzone for a good portion of the day. Enjoy our covered picnic pavilion. Pack a lunch and bring family and friends to share your experience. We also have an air conditioned facility with access to wifi.  

What should I wear?

-Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. For footwear, wear sneakers or shoes, no open toed sandals.

What if the weather is bad or turns bad after we get there?

-Your safety is our primary concern. If we get weathered out due to high winds, low overcast clouds or rain you may reschedule your jump.

Can I wear my own camera/gopro on my jump?

-No. Cameras can present a hazard to the safety of the jump if not used properly and our instructors and cameramen are trained to make your jump as safe as possible.