First Jump

Tandem Skydiving

Experience the world from 10,000 feet!


A tandem skydive provides the first-time jumper with the exhilaration of the sport of skydiving, but with the comfort of being attached to a certified instructor with thousands of jumps.

You will be securely harnessed to a certified instructor. This allows you the thrill of freefall while having the peace of mind of jumping with an experienced instructor. You exit the aircraft from altitude, freefall for about 35 seconds and then descend to the ground under parachute for another 5 minutes! 


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Instructor Aided Deployment (IAD)

Learn How to Skydive! Earn a USPA skydiving license at Skydive Happy Valley through our Instructor Aided Deployment course, or IAD. IAD allows you to jump by yourself without being attached to an instructor.

 Throughout the course you will learn how to pilot a parachute safely, fly your body in free fall, pack a parachute and jump with other people.

 After a comprehensive ground school (3-4 hours), your first jump will consist of climbing out of the plane, jumping and being guided by radio to a smooth landing. Your jumps will be filmed for review.

 Ground school is held on Friday evenings by appointment and we plan to jump the following day. Feel the freedom of flight at PA's most scenic dropzone and join the skydiving family!